Young Hot Rod Ft 50 Cent in the “Hot Girl” Multi Auto Group Video Shoot

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Added by September 29, 2011

 Young Hot Rod of G-Note Records & CEO 50 Cent of G-Unit Records take you behind the scenes of

the “Hot Girl” Multi Auto Video Shoot.

Check it out….

Some Artist Facts: Real Name is Rod Toole. Born in Sacramento, California. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the early 2000’s. Torres Scott, an Engineer (native of Arizona), helped Rod Toole aka Hot Rod (original rapper name) get his demo CD to the Label giant in late 2005. 50 Cent liked it and personally called Hot Rod to let him know to quit his job. The then, 20-year old rapper, left Phoenix, Arizona to go to New York City, where he changed his name to “Young Hot Rod” and Signed to G-Unit Records with CEO 50 Cent, in 2006. In December 2010, CEO of G-Unit Records, 50 Cent announced a new subsidiary label called “G-Note Records” which was created for the Pop, Dance, and R&B music.


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