Check out this interview on Stern Savage about his upcoming mixtape “HOW TO BULLY VOL 2”!

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ash-stern savage(printfix)Stern Savage has a big mixtape coming out July 31st so decided to catch up with him to talk about a few things. Check out this dope interview with Stern Savage

When did you first get into the hip hip scene out here in the phx? I first got involved with the music scene late oct 2005 when I had linked up with go figga entertainment, but because of family issues I had to go back to Philly in April 2006 so i wasn’t able to do much at the time.

You are about to release your newest project “how to bully vol 2” what was your mindstate when you made this album? I was just thinking I need to make some bangers and make it more fire then how to bully vol 1. I think vol 2 is also more personal then the first cause I put more time into it to make sure I had the right sounding tracks and the right tracks that can be listen to by all different kinds of people.

What is your take on the arizona hip hop scene?? The scenic is AZ is cool it’s not what it can be because it’s a lot of haters and dick riders who are part of it. I think that back in 2005 when I came out here it was dope but now it’s blah. To be honest I only feel that a hand full are dope but majority are wack.

What is your take on the philly hip hop scene??? I Love Philly hip hop cause its hating that goes on there but majority of the artist spit flames and they know how to make things work. And we support out artist if they doing it big then we try to push them to the next level. And our style of flowing is crazy and we do more in the city then out here in AZ, shout out to my fam Reck da Villian and Lou Rizzol.

I know your on your grind hard and I bet your already working on the next project(s) can you let us know what you have in the works? Yeah how to bully vol 2 is dropping after that I got another mix tape called savage life dropping in oct then I got the album savage world dropping on dec 31st. Also me and my business partner Big Haps are going be putting at least 3 computations this year also. And not to mention our artist projects that I’m involved with as far as engineering it or doing some production or features..

If you could battle any rapper in the industry who would it be? and why? I’ll battle anybody don’t matter who it is and the reason is simple, I think I’m good enough to hold my own.

What do you expect to accomplish by the end of this year?? I know I will accomplish a lot with Ash Music and all the stuff we got in the works. We got big plans and the way things are going we will be the top dogs in AZ and if anyone disagree they can make they little diss tracks or what they want. From here on all people need to check for is Ash Music
Where can we hear your music?? My music is all over too many sites and places the best thing to do is google sternsavge and you find me.
Any last words you have for all your fans out here in phx/philly and worldwide? I gotta say thanks to all my fans who show me love but most importantly I want to thank all my haters and doubters because with out y’all I couldn’t do it. And big ups to the whole ASH FAMILY, And all my Philly people, the whole 215, 484, 267 I love y’all
Thanks for doing the interview with today we appreciate it

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