Check out the “We Some Riders” Official Music Video by East Phoenix’s Certified G’s!!

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Added by September 2, 2011

I watched the Video and then replayed it for a second listen…at first I wasn’t too sure because it seems like your average video that has been done before, but then after “listening” to it it again, I took a second to realize that we don’t have this kind of Style on the Site for this Year (2011)…Why? It’s the EastSide Phoenix sound that has not been reviewed on this Year! Yeah, I know some of the Artists we have on the Site this Year are from East Phoenix, but they don’t make it known. To me that is a Good thing & also a Bad thing, the reason I say this is because when you hear most of the the Hip-Hop right now, it’s “WestSide this” & “WestSide that”, “SouthSide this” & “SouthSide that”…that’s all I’ve been hearing and it’s like, “Where are all my EastSiders at???” I know we have some Good Talent on the EastSide too!! Well, here we go for the 2011!!! We got a Group called “Certified G’s” (Chito Loc, Boxer, Sleep Locc) Reppin’ & puttin’ down for EastSide Phoenix in the 2011!

I liked the lyrics of the group and the hook! I think that Chito Loc & Boxer were right on with their Flow! They put it on for the EastSide!

Just got word from Chito Loc, as I was typing this post, and he made a comment that they got a Mixtape they are working on and he’ll get me more info on it at a later time…A Certified G’s Mixtape Coming Soon! AZ Stand Up!!! ~ Jo Jo Brown

Here it is “We Some Riders” by Certified G’s – Directed by Mo Money of Dinar Gang Films

Stay tuned for more on this Group…at this time all I have for them is the Video link…once I get more info on where you can find more on them, I’ll update this Post. Thank you! ~ Jo Jo Brown

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