Black & Brown Unity: Chingo Bling’s Response to Katt Williams anti-Mexican rant

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Added by September 1, 2011

I just thought I would Post this after watching it, because there’s a LOT of Truth to it! Chingo Bling, a Homie to many Artists & Fans in Arizona, knows what it is like down here for the State as a whole with the very strong Immigration Laws and how they are affecting us ALL! He wants to make sure that it doesn’t go into the wrong direction, just like me…it’s NOT a Black vs Brown thing, it was just One (1) individual, from my view & MANY others’ view from Facebook & the Web, who went from Comedy to a personal heated exchange of words, NOT an entire race! Truth, if you are like me and were not there, you don’t know what was said before, during (what was not on YouTube) or after…there are Two sides to every conflict/story. Am I lieing?!

So we definitely need to make sure that it does not end up going in that wrong direction, it will only set us ALL back to the Barrio days when my Nana & Tata, Mi Ma Ma, and and Mi Generacion were growing up… in the times when it was still divided in South Phoenix. I grew up being disrespected from my own Raza for hanging out with Black Friends, and I got disrespected and had to “defend” myself against Black kids who thought I had no business with their Race, but it didn’t bother me because I have always been color-blind when it came to who I have chosen to be Friends with. Like Chingo Bling said, everyone has their own opinion, and that is mine. Enjoy Chingo Bling’s Formal & Direct Video Response to his Viewers & Fans and the entire World. I think you will like it. If not, then you can Rate it however you want to at the bottom of the Post. “God’s Love” ~ Jo Jo Brown

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