AZ Weekly Rap Up | Episode 4 hosted by Mav feat Dboy, Lil Nutt and Van michael

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Added by June 23, 2010

NEW HIP HOP SHOW!!!!! AZ Weekly Rap up ep 4 hosted by Mav feat dboy, lil nut, van michael from mav sanchez on Vimeo.

If the video is choppy go to this link and watch it here

Az weekly rap up is back again with episode 4 for yall. As usual we have our host Mav of sol camp showcasing all the dopest talent in Arizona. This week our guests are Lil nutt of bfg, Van Michael, and Dboy. Lil nutt talks about the street life growning up in phoenix and his upcoming album. Van Michael has it out for several AZ rappers and isnt afraid to say it, and Dboy talks about being a producer and a rapper and has a competition to help name his upcoming album.

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