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ASH Music-wide body(print fix)Check it out as speaks with Arizona Rapper Big haps about AZ shit.

Whats good with you big haps?

Just been living life. Trying to make good music, work, family. The Good stuff. Getting things wrapped up with this Wide Body project, and out here getting my brand “ASH Music” established.

You are born and raised in Phoenix? What was it like growing up out here??

Yup, born and raised in Phoenix Az, born at the County Hospital to be exact, haha.

Growing up out here is the same as growing up in LA ,Chicago or any other big city. These streets are just as cold. People think of Phoenix and think about cactus and shit, haha….Theres more to it then that homie. My mother passed away when I was young, so I lived in other hoods that I wasn’t from. I lived at my nannas off 8th street and Garfield, then at my aunts over in MaryVale, even went to MaryVale High for a bit. But through all that, I was able to be my own man. And Lerned that there is always struggle in the road to victory.

When did you first get into the hip hip scene out here in Phx?

Well, we used to throw house party’s back in the day. That’s when the party sceen was huge. We establised a party crew known as “Playaz Inc” Those days were the shit. Crazy times. Well during these house party’s we would grab the mic and sypher at the dj table. After doing that for a bit, we got the hunger to hit the studio. And that party crew was then a group. Playaz Inc started with me and Bayng, then Mixxx joined in. We started hitten studios like Phase 4, Iroc’s, Living Head, and all those.

I know your on your grind hard and I bet your already working on the next project(s) can you let us know what you have in the works?

Thanks I appreciate that fam. Well after Wide Body drops, I will be working on another mixtape called “Toxicology” as well as another album. I also have a Playaz Inc mixtape that ASH Music will be dropping as well as an ASH Music compilation. Sounds like a lot? No, Lol….Thats just how I work. I like to stay busy.

who did you look up to in the Phoenix hip hop game growing up?

That’s a good question. Im not a young cat, Lol. So there arent very many people out here that are older than me that have been doing it for so long, that werent my peers. But I will be very honest, Iroc “Roca Dolla” was the dude that I looked up to. I never told him that, but he is that guy that has always kept it 100! A true pioneer. And you cant say that about too many cats in Phoenx Hip Hop.

Who do you think can blow up the Phoenix hip hop scene?

I THOUGHT it was CinQue. He had the Marketabilty and Talent. But were is dude now?

It has to be a uniform front. No One person is going to do it. But people don’t get that side of it. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians ya dig?

What is the best show you have ever done in Phoenix?

Man……That’s a tough one. I don’t think it was in Phoenix to be honest. I would say Baby Bash in Flagstaff .

Who are you favorite producers coming out of Phoenix ariozna??

Main Ingredient, 21 The Producer, and Roca Dolla. And ohh by the way, my album will have beats from all 3.

You also produce talk about what eqipment you use to make your beats?

People don’t realize I can make some heaters. I use the Motif ES Rack, MPC 1000, and Reason. Fucking with Frooty Loops a bit now too. My set up is simple and efficient.

What type of style would you say your beats are?

A mix Bay Area, West Coast and Dirty South. And I mean that.

Any last words you have for all your fans out here in Phoenix and worldwide?

Please get out and snatch my album 122 Degreez. Get it on Itunes and CdBaby. Arizona Strong Hold Music is on the take over. Shot out to my people Stern Savage, The Crooks, Playaz Inc!

ASH Music!!!

Listen to Im a big boy

and check out Big haps and Playaz inc on az weekly rap up ep 1

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