Listen to Da Beast feat Gmalone- Top Laid Back

Listen to Da Beast feat Gmalone- Top Laid Back

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I just got back from Casa Grandes own Da beasts video shoot with carlos berber feat gmalone. The song is called “Top Laid back” and the video is coming really really soon. Stay tuned for more on Da beast. He

New OTS Song! Elevation on

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check out the new OTS song. Sounds like they back in the booth to bang out another project. Beat on this one slaps. follow these guys on twitter @yp_ ft. @checkintrapps @caliblack132 @bassblak

EXCLUSIVE! Watch Atllas “This is life” Movie here

0 147 0 brings you the exclusive of Atllas “This is life” movie. The “dead end street” saga continues with chapter 2 “This is life” Atllas is trying to get his life on track as tragedy strikes at the hands of Darius.

Check out Young Choochi feat Juice and Swag- Swag n Juice

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Check it out as phoenix rapper Young choochi links up with Phoenix heavy weight Juice and Swag for a song titled “Swag n Juice”. click below to listend to and dl the song

Make sure to come out to the “Get It Wet” Party at the Madison Event Center June 18th!

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come check out az rappers such as Mav of sol camp, Bookie, unique Devine, N.A.P., Zone 5, Ash Loc, Cnote, Jp, Gmoe, Trophy, Dem Rascalz, Van Michael and more. Mixed by Dj John Blaze, Dj Mj, Dj Ronnie Digital, Dj

The well connected Phoenix Producer AKT Aktion, Blends PHX with CLE , The Land

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Cleveland, OH MC Proph the Problem hooks up with a Phoenix, AZ top level producer AKT Aktion to ask the age old question “What R U Do0oing”. This is a great track, although when we spoke withAKT Aktion he said

AZ Weekly Rap Up | EP 2 Hosted by Mav of Sol Camp feat Syck Syllables, Jay Rossi n BC

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check episode 1 here feat Willy northpole, rich rico and playaz inc. Episode 2 of “Az weekly rap up” is on hosted by Mav of sol camp feat Syck Syllables, Jay rossi and BC. phoenix hip hop at its

check out the new single “Arizona” by new Phoenix hip hop group Disciplez

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The Disciplez are built on the ways of the true pioneers of Hip Hop. Self proclaimed students of the music industry as a whole the Disciplez and their chosen affiliates and members are and will continue to be trend setters

Limited Offer! Get your song or video posted on all our sites for 30$

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Since we get hit up hundreds of times a day to offer services on our sites we have finally decided to do it. So for a limited time we are offering a huge package deal! You can get your song

Judge Da boss – Money all around me check the new Hypocalypto records artist

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Judge da boss has been buzzing since he won Amaries Hypocalyto battle last year. This is his main single “money all around me” and it was on his mixtape that just dropped “the chosen one” check it out. will