Top 20 Power Movers of Arizona Hip hop in 2013

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Today I am posting a list of the people who do the most for the Arizona hip hop scene. All 20 of these people/companies/websties have helped out the Arizona hip hop scene in a major way in 2013 so show them some love back! If you wanna connect with the scene these are the people to hit up!  See is the main source for everything PHXhiphop so we gotta show love to our scene. Not saying we know everything about these guys but what we do know is these guys are the major players in the AZ hip hop game!

20.Cortney Joe This guy is hilarious.  He has a really active facebook page and profile.  He is probably the most active page for the Tucson hip  hop community and he has a show that showcases Tucson Artist.  Plus hes got all the Tucson ladies commenting on his page.  Add him on facebook The Courtney Joe Bufford Show

19. @azeverything I got mad love for this site.  This is a new site that showcases everything Arizona from fashion, news, art, and especially the hip hop scene. #AZeverything

18. @radiosupa My favorite online radio station repping for Arizona right now.  They have a different live radio show everyday and also is the home of Dj John Blaze’s live from central ave show.  You can also now check them broadcasting live on camera too.

17. Worst Case Scenario Radio- These guys were able to get their own show dedicated to local hip hop on 93.9 earlier this year.  Although the station cant be heard to far out its a great outlet for all AZ artists that want to get their music heard.  Dj John Blaze was just added on to get his own hour of AZ hip hop too.  You can also stream the show live on
16. Sean Healy – This is a promoter from California who also throws several shows out here in Phoenix at venues like Club Red, and Celebrity Theater.  In 2013 he brought out major artists like Big Krit, Mos Def, Kirko Bangz, Pac Div, Chris Webby and more.  He also puts locals on as openers for all his shows so check for Sean Healy Presents on facebook.

15. Xpoz Magazine. @xpozmag Its good to see this magazine back in production. It looks like there is a new owner of the magazine and he is doing well. The magazine always shows love to different Arizona Artists so Make sure to check them out at

14. Justus of CTL/The Underground Railroad – This guy is currently the main man behind The Underground Railroad shows that get thrown at Joe’s Grotto in North Phoenix.  These are not your average local hip hop shows as these showcases bring anywhere from 400-700 people.   The underground Railroad is throwing the Best of the Best showcase Dec 14th and He is also doing a chairity food drive show Dec 22nd so make sure to check those shows out.

13. 2Tone Da Supastar-  @2tonedasupastar This guy hosts almost every show that Urban AZ throws at Celebrity theater and several club nights.  Probably one of the funniest guys on twitter.  He has his host life series on youtube channel4011. He does alot of online promo for certain local artists  such as Kaliq, Willy Northpole, Rich Rico, and more.  Although he seems to hate every local award show and our site we still got love for the kid.

12. Inner City Magazine – This is a magazine that focuses solely on the Arizona hip hop scene.  They consistently drop new issues online and in the streets that help promote the rappers of our scene.  They have done articles on Trap, Justus, Jrob, Mav, Rock Da Block, Vee, and several more.

11. Freez – @swuma @freeztv – Freez is not only one of the biggest artists in Phoenix and he is also one of the biggest Supporters of the scene.  He is the reason that we have the Swuma awards every year downtown at the Phoenix Convention Center.  Freez also throws talent shows a few times a year for the little kids trying to get their talent heard.  He is also one of the main people at Inner City Magazine.  Also he recently threw a Swuma “Businees of Music” workshop that focused on Publishing, Copyrights, Licensing, Dirtribution, Promotion, Revenue and more.  He not only wants to showcase the scene but teach them how to earn money doing it.  Props! 

10. CJ Sway/Ace Concerts – Probably one of the most talked about promoters/hosts  in Arizona good or Bad.   This guy has been throwing tours in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson consistently all year with acts such as Do or Die, Lil Moco, Chingo Bling, Zig Zag, Spice 1, Celly Cel and more. Every show he throws he puts on artists from the Zone so we salute that!

9. Big Boogie – He is one of the major promoters for the local hip hop scene out here.  He is always throwing local shows at places from Famous Sams(RIP), to Saddlehorn Ranch and more.  He is the one responsible for throwing the Arizona Hoodie Awards the past two years.  In 2013 the Hoodie awards were the most talked about award show period.  The award show just took place last weekend and was a success.  Props too all those nominated and those who won awards this year.

8.  DumperFoo/ Blunt Club – @Thebluntclub This is probably the longest running weekly showcase we have in Arizona.  This year Blunt club expanded to several other cities like San Diego, Yuma, Flagstaff and more.  They also support the undground Arizona scene and showcase local rappers such as Mouse Powell, Roqy Tyraid, Futuristic, Kaliq, Wax Society and more.  If you are in Tempe on Thursday nights  make sure to stop by the Yucca Tap room and enjoy the Blunt Club. 

7Pokafase – @beatlockerradio At one point Pokafase had the Arizona hip hop scene on fire when he was signed with Artist Direct.  Now a days he still a big force on the scene but also a huge supporter of our Local Scene too. For over the past year he had the only local hip hop show with the Beatlocker show every Sunday night on 101.5 AZthebeat. This show has two hours of straight Arizona hip hop music.  He plays almost everyone that sends in dope music.  I checked out the show the show and heard records from AZ artists such as Hannibal Leq, Rob Mar, Mav, OTS, Megaman, Pthoro,  and more.

6. – @hypealot  – I love the work that these guys do for the scene.  The site is relatively new but this past year they have been going hard for AZ hip hop.  If you check the site or facebook page you will see pages and pages of local AZ rappers new music, videos, and more.  I believe the site is currently down but you can go to their youtube and check out AZ rapper interviews, Cyphers, Local show highlights and more.  They even have a series about local hip hop on thier youtube channel so make sure to support these guys. Ps Im a big fan of the Hypealot Honeys!

5. Urban AZ – These guys are responsible for 90 percent of the hip hop shows that happen at celebrity theatre.  They throw great comedy shows, RnB concerts, and hip hop shows.  They are responsible for the Power 98.3 Powerhouse showcases that come here every few months and have brought such artists as e40,Dorrough, Juicy J, Trinidad James, Jon Hart, Kat Dahlia, Rakim, Rick Ross and more.  They have also let several local artists open for these major shows such as Neglect, West Crav, Keize, and more.

4. Bootleg Kev – @bootlegkev As the official host of all Universatile Music shows he is one of the heads of this AZ hip hop game. Bootleg Kev was the person who interviewed all the major artists that came into town when he was on the radio 98.3fm.   Bootleg Kev also hosts several club nights all over the valley and hip hop showcases.  He was a co-host on the weekend show  RedySet radio which played all the new hip hop music and also played some local artists from time to time.  He make a huge mixtape this year called “Empire Buisness” that featured big underground artists like Rittz, Vic Mensa, Tito Lopez, Emilio Rojas, and also gave shine to  local artists such as Futuristic, Kaliq, Collins, Hannibal Leq and more. He is also a big promoter of Local artist Futuristic.  Keep Supporting the scene KEV!

3Iroc Daniels/ Marmera Films – Iroc Daniels aka Roca Dolla is the man behind the scenes that makes alot of the big moves in Arizona happen.  He helped alot of the local rappers that got signed get their deals.  Recently he helped Hannibal Leq and New fo’s link with MTV to get a liscensing deal.  His studio in north Phoenix is one of the best in the city and is home to several of the state best rappers. Roca Dolla has a hand in Moon Valley Media Engine which is a Cd Duplication company that is located in the same building as his studio.   In 2013 he also dropped a independent movie called Blood ink which was featured in several local theaters and featured several Phx rappers. Lastly, he is one of the top video directors in the state.  He has done videos for several local artists, and several major artists such as Los, 2chainz, Cory Gunz, Juicy J and more. On top of all that he teaches audio/visual courses for those wanting to get in to fliming and editing videos.


2. Dj John Blaze – @djjohnblaze This is the man for AZ hip hop! He is the main dj that supports the scene.  Blaze is the host of several local mixtape series such as The Underground Railroad mixtape, Heat Warning Vol 1-4, Hitz and AZZ, How Blaze stole Christmas, and several mixtapes for artists such as Trap, and more.  He has a weekly show on called Live from Central ave where he plays new music and local AZ music. He had an hour on The Beatlocker show earlier this year and is now live every Thursday on Worst Case Scenario radio for an hour playing local hip hop.  He also plays a big part in The underground Railroad showcases that take place at Joes Grotto.  Blaze has a weekly night at Majerles, was the dj for several major showcases such as Warren G, Chingo bling, and even was the official dj of the SWUMA awards .  We applaude all the work he does for the scene. 

1. Universatile Music – @Universatile These guys are the ones who bring the best hip hop to Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff  point blank period.  Today they are bringing the Yeezus tour to Phoenix which is probably the biggest show they have thrown.  This year alone they have brought out such arists as Snow the product, Rittz, Dizzy Wright, Rockie Fresh, Taliq Kweli, ASAP ferg, Chance the rapper, Yelawolf, Hopsin, Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown, Bauer, Flatbush Zombies, Earl Sweatshirt, Black Milk, Immortal Technique, Iamsu, Freddie Gibbs, Souls of Mischief, Mac Miler, Atmosphere, and many more.  They also put local headliners such as Futuristic, Wax Society, Mouse Powell, and more on most of their local shows .  Check em out at



Salute to everyone trying to put on for our state! #PHXHIPHOP

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