Read the interview with SABeats. He was the winner of the Mav feat Juice “til the sunrise” Remix contest

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First of all I want to give props to the winner of the Mav feat Juice 'til the sunrise” remix contest. SABeats is an 18 yr old producer from the Netherlands who seems to kick ass at these remix contests. We sat down with him and got a interview and also check out some of his production and the winning entry in the “Til the sunrise” remix competiton.

-When did you start producing hip hop music?

This might surprise some people, but I only started 1.5 years ago with producing hip hop.
I have been interested in music all my life, and I played the piano since I was a kid.
When I played the piano I always felt like I was better in making up music myself then playing someone elses music,
and when one of my friends was getting into hip hop he needed a beatmaker so I decided to start making beats.

-Who were your biggest hip hop influences?

I have many influences in hip hop.
I make all kind of beats, but my biggest hip hop influences are well known people like; J Dilla,DJ Premier,J.U.S.T.I.C.E League,Scott Storch.
But I have to say I also got influenced by some very good dutch beatmakers like FSGreen, Sir OJ, Hayzee (you have to check their music!)

-What approach did you take in making the remix to Mav feat Juice “til the sunrise” ?

When I first hear the original track, I felt like the original beat was good, but it needed more melody and more of a party vibe.
So I downloaded the acapella, found out the tempo and layed down some basic drums.
After that I played some melodies to it and then I started finetuning everything.

-What artists have you worked with ?

As you might or might not expect I haven't worked with too many artists yet.
I'm always trying to get in touch with artists, but since Im on the other side of the world things don't work out that easy.
I have worked with some dutch underground artists, but I'm really trying to get my name out in the music world trought these remix contests.
You can look up one of my other remix contests that I have won, it's with FreshDaily and the track is called Video Gamin'.

-What equipment do you use to produce ??
I use FL Studio to make my beats, but when I have to record vocals I use Cubase.
For playing my keys I have an M-audio midi controller, and to listen to my music I have some KRK monitors.
Most producers have way more stuff then I have, but I think you can make some crazy music with a laptop, keyboard and some good inspiration.

-What advise can you give to producers out there?

Do not watch those lame movies about how to make beats on fruity loops, I did this when I started and it made my beats sound like crap.
You really have to find out everything yourself, otherwise you are just gonna sound like someone who already excists (I always wanted to make Dr Dre beats, but I found out that this is not the way to be original….).

-Where can artists contact you if they would like to work with you?

I definitely need artists to come holla at me, so you could check me out at my myspace and send me a message or you can holla at me on twitter @sabeats.

-Where do you see you self in five years in the production world?

In five years I see myself making music for good artists, I won my first remix competition when I was making beats for 6 months so in five years I think I can achieve some great things!
I'm located in the Netherlands, but I will definiteley make sure I'm as international as I can be.

Once again, artists who are reading this and are interested in my music, please contact me because I have enough music for everyone and I do all styles!

Listen to the winning remix here

also check out this remix he did for Fresh Daily

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