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69917497 keeps our ears to the streets. Rich rico is making some noise in the Az hip hop scene right now. Since he is Mexico born and Maryvale Arizona raised its only right he speaks his opinion on what is going on in Phoenix, Arizona right now. Here is his press release

“Our country is in the midst of a new civil rights movement. America, more so Arizona, is fighting to segregate Mexican’s in hopes of keeping them in their own country. Everyday the US has illegal immigrants from Mexico smuggling their way into the states in hopes of humanizing their living conditions. They fight the borders that are flooded with border patrol and police K-9’s and once in America they face a new fight, and that’s the acceptance by Americans to be treated as equals. Working low wage jobs, for close to nothing, and having to dodge the constant scrutiny they receive from law officials.

There are those Mexican’s who have rightfully earned their citizenship and yet there are those who are still fighting to do so. With what is taking place in our government’s office, it will be harder than ever for Mexico to receive the fair treatment for citizenship that they desire.

“I want to give Mexican’s something to look up to, become a form of inspiration, a voice for the Latin community. I don’t want Mexicans to be afraid to speak up for themselves. Mexican’s can look at me as an image; because God knows I’m not perfect & I’ve made mistakes, God knows I’ve done illegal things, so they look at me as a voice to relate to. I want to give Mexicans something to brag about. Rich Rico is the man at home depot jumping on the back of the truck. Rich Rico is the man on the corner selling oranges to feed his family. Rich Rico is the little kid crossing the border with his family running from immigration. I’m a voice of freedom! If you have a 9-5 and you wake up to go to work and you think to yourself ‘damn, I don’t want to go to work today, this is wack’ as soon as you get in the car & put that Rich Rico track in, it’s going to free you from all your stress because you can relate to what I’ve been through & give you hope. That’s what I’m doing.” –Rich Rico

Rich Rico aka Richie M. Guapo was born in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico during the 80’s. His mother Oralia Coronado gave birth to the child of a Mexican drug lord whose name will not be disclosed for safety reasons. At birth Rich Rico was already facing hardship being that his father was affiliated with the infamous Mexican drug cartel. When Rich Rico was 6 years old, he & his mother sought refuge in the United States and found themselves living in Phoenix Arizona; living in what was a tool shed made into a bedroom for this young Mexican mother & her now 6 year old son. Rico had a tough time adapting in school under the living conditions he was in. It wasn’t until Rico was in Jr. High school, where by this time he was learning English, he was forced to become the man of the family after his mother suffered a broken pelvic bone and was denied disability. Rico then took after his father, getting heavy into the street life of Phoenix Arizona.

Rich Rico attended high school in West Phoenix where most of his peers were predominantly African American. Quickly, Rico took notice to the urban lifestyle, but his network of street work also broadened. At 16 years old, Rico was at the height of his drug career, driving Acura race cars to school, wearing $5,000.00 Rolex watches. People began to take notice of this flamboyant Mexican as he became ‘the big man on campus.’

Having no father at home, Rico let the school of hard nocks become his channel of manhood. Living the life he did for so many years, Rich Rico has been brushed with death, drug transactions gone terribly wrong, and facing the tragedy of losing his God Father; who practically was his father, to murder.

Rico’s late teens and early 20’s were flooded with hardship. He had begun a relationship with his biological father, where not too long after he lost his fight to cancer. Months later Rico lost his only daughter who passed at birth, to eventually losing his girlfriend in a fatal car crash. Rico knew that his life needed a desperate turn around for the better.

Rico took up hip hop during high school, but has let his test of endurance become the master of his craft. Rich Rico is a charismatic, charmingly witty, and wise young man. His music seems to be none the less. Over the last year, Rich Rico has become a force to reckon with in the music scene of Phoenix Arizona. With his catchphrase “Border State, Border Gang, Border Music” Rico has swept the Latin community, and the entertainment community, with his raw lyrics. With Arizona’s Latino’s currently under siege by the legislation, Rico hopes his music will be of inspiration to the Latin community. Also, with his story or tragedy to triumph, he hopes the government, politicians, and Arpaio will see that there is hope for every body, including Mexicans.

“I want Mexican people to be proud, just like the black people were in 1948 when they won their civil rights. We are all equals; at least that’s what I’ve been taught as a child of God.” –Rich Rico”

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