New single from Stern Savage called “Return of the Bully” off his upcoming mixtape “How To Bully vol 2”

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ash-stern savage(printfix)check out Stern Savages new single called “return of the bully” off of his upcoming mixtape “How to bully vol 2”. The mixtape will be dropping July 31st and will be the ones to debut it! Stern savage has it out for all mcees and he has a pretty ruthless interview coming on an upcoming episode of “AZ weekly rap up”. Stern Savage is also part of Ash music so stay tuned for their label to make noise out here in the Phoenix hip hop scene.

Check out his bio here

Ever since 1998 you could catch Stern Savage somewhere listening and learning what was being put out and thinking, “I could do better”. It wasn’t until 2000 when he put it to the test with his first mix tape called “Doe Getter”. Not really hungry for stardom, it lacked the output he wanted, so it was back to the block for him. It took his cousin Nino Redz, who was also trying his rap thing, to get Stern Savage back to the lab. In 2003, they met fellow rapper Lou Rizzol, and from there that’s where it started. They dropped the album “For the Love of the Game”, which had the smash single on there “Lets’s Go”, and was talked about by many. Stern Savage ended up dropping a mix tape in 2004 and two more in 2005 with Lou Rizzol. Stern relocated to Phoenix, AZ in November 2005 but was only hear for a few months and in that time Stern let his flow loose and was making a name for himself when he came across Tally P and Odie of Go-Figga Entertainment. Makin a few hit songs in a week, they welcomed Stern Savage with arms wide open but due to family issues Stern had to go back to Philly. Returning in 2008 Stern Savage stayed patience and humble and looking at what AZ had to offer in music. Now that it’s 2010, Stern Savage is set to release his second mix tape “HOW TO BULLY VOL 2″, which will drop under ASH Music (Arizona Strong Hold). The mix tape has features from Big Haps, Reck Da Villain, Lo, and Dane Russell just to name a few and with over 17 tracks its sure to be a song for everyone to enjoy. Be on the Lookout for Stern Savage all over the internet and in the streets he promise that this year is going to be a good one for music and because of his cocky attitude, brag a lot flows and catchy voice he’s sure u will keep listening and wanting more

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