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Whats up bstaks how you been? What it dooskie? Everything is lovely homie.
You just dropped your album “call me jefe” how is that going for you? Album is doing great man. Its alot of work getting your product out independently tho. We on it tho. Streets is diggin the album.

What are your favorite songs on the album ? I would say “JEFE” but honestly im sick of it. lol. Nah, I like em all but I find myself bumpin “Bangin Arizona” and “Purple drank” alot. Them joints BANG boy.

what are you currently working on now? Right now we pushin the “CALL ME JEFE” and “INDEPENDENT HUSTLIN” albums as well as putting together a SOL CAMP compilation which will consist of unreleased songs and collabs. We calling he project “UNITED WE STAND”. I also started recording my sophmore album “FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING”

who did you look up to in the Phoenix hip hop game growing up? Man alot of people in the scene showed me love upon arriving here in phoenix but musically I would have to say Skunk one, Roca dolla, Jusus of CTL, Chino D, and My potna Mav. These cats always kept it 100 with me and motivated to sharpin my skills as an emcee.

Can you give us a little history on Bstaks career? Well I been spittin since I was about 11, 12 years old. Writing lil raps here and there but was shy about it. It wasnt till I was about 17 that I started rocking back yard boogies and getting some rhyme time at lil clubs in juarez mexico. At that time nooooobody was rappin and so people naturally embraced what i was trying to do. I would record out of a dual casset tape deck and use head phones for a Then at house partys the homies used to play my lil songs. LOL. Man ive heard some of that old stuff recently and Anyway I moved to phoenix in 2k started a rap group with 2 of my potnas I met out here that were also from texas called “southern influence”. We recorded like an 8 song album and just shared it with the homies. My buisness sense hadent kicked in yet so obviously that album made absolutly no noise. lol In about 03 I started recording my debut album “BREAKIN THE BANK” which never saw the light of day because they broke into the studio I was recording at and took all the equipment. My masters were on one of the hard drives hey stole. Still determined to get my shine on I reached out to Mav and Skunk one to do a track and with the strength of that track we decided to join forces and start the almighty Sol Camp. We hit the ground running, released our first mixtape as a group in a few days, hit the radio air waves and most importantly the road. We were privlaged to share the stage with some of hip hops biggest names such as Too Short, Krs one, Devin the dude, Mack 10, Paul Wall, Ludacris, Chingo Bling, Pittbull and the list goes on. We also decided to put our projects out under our own label so we birthed Es Oh El Musik which has released 5 solid projects since 07.

who are the artists you feel have potential to make Phoenix a major city for hip hop? Man, I think the New F.O’s can make alot of noise in the industry just because they have a new feel good sound. There are alot of talented artist out here but we need one that really stands out ya feel me?

Phoenix producers are slept on but there are alot of great ones out there, Who is your favorite Phoenix hip hop producer right now and why? I really dont have a favorite producer because each producer does something the next one cant or has a different sound. My style is universal so I can rock a council beat then turn around and rock a beat from Roca dolla. Just depends on what im feelin at the time. There are lots of talented producers out here and if any of ya are reading this I NEED BEATS! lol PLUG!

What is the best show you have ever done in Phoenix? Man I would have to say the Dub show in I believe 08. We shared the stage with Phoenix heavy weights Roca dolla and Willy Northpole. Needless to say, We shut that bitch down. 15K people going crazy. Greatest feeling next to seeing my kids born.

Any last words you have for all your fans out here in Phoenix? Thanks to everybody that has been loyal to the Sol. We have alot in store for ya’ll and are far from slowing down. We appreciate your support.

FREE ROCBALLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make sure to check out B staks feat Syck syllables, Mav and Lil nutt- Baboso

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