Phoenix radio DJ and Radio host Rames Ja gets cover of AZ Weekly Magazine

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Ramses Ja is already one of the biggest radio personalities in Arizona and right now he taking radio and Djing to a whole new level. Check out this interview Ramses Ja did with AZ weekly magazine. The Photography was by Mattlocks, Article by Yaya Martinez, and Design by Princess T.

for Ruben S. answers check out this weeks episode of AZ weekly magazine.

Phoenix arizona has been the stomping grounds for both of you in radio for quite some time now, But for those that don’t know, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ramses Ja:

I host the night slot on Mega 104.3 FM from 6-10pm weekdays with my butter-smooth voice,
and I host R.E.D.Y. Set Radio on 101.1 FM the Beat on Fridays where I get to keep it real, son!
In addition, Im both, a Bum Suad DJ, and a DJ Vatican member. I dj the Urban AZ concerts in
the valley too, and i spit at Koi inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas every other sunday. Plus,
on top of Lunar Bingo, I’m also contracted to handle all the launch parties for my corporate sponsonr Precious Vodka. Sometimes, I even sleep!

Lunar Bingo sounds like a pretty good time but what exactly is it?

Rames Ja:

Yeah, I’ve see it pretty wild, but I guess that’s expected any time you get 1500 people in a
room at the same time! People go crazy over the prizes and cash giveaways! It’s a trip to
see how so many people look forward to it on Facebook and Twitter! It’s a lot of fun!

What will people see from you at lunar bingo?

Ramses Ja:

Well, I handle the music… I spin everything from hip-hip, to old school, to top 40, and even
some dance music! I try to match the theme of the night and hit the requests. I make sure
that everybody has a good time…especially the girls!

Thank you for your time! Please let readers know how they can get ahold of you?

Ramses Ja

Mine are pretty easy

Here is the cover for AZ weekly Magazine

Here are some other covers.

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