Interview with AK of Do or Die

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AK-47 Of Do Or Die Interview

Interview by Demarcus Webb  kicked it with AK-47 of the legendary Chicago group Do Or Die for an exclusive interview. We discuss what the group has been up to, Do Or Die reunion album, and much more so check it out.  is here with AK-47 of Do Or Die, how’s it going?

I’m good fam, what’s going on?

Not too much. First thing right off the bat, what has the group been working on and you guys solo wise as far as projects?

As a group, we have been on the road alot and thankfully people still love our music today. We are getting and putting together the new album right now as we speak and I am doing my solo album as well and my mixtape is out right now. We are coming with a game plan for everyone to put out their solo albums and we are putting out the Do Or Die album.

Do you have a release date set to drop for the reunion album?

The single for the Do Or Die album will drop later this month called Expensive Love featuring Twista and Jeremih.

I know you and Layzie Bone dropped a project together. Was there ever talks about Do Or Die and Bone Thugs dropping a supergroup project together or even more duo projects like the one you guys did?

Well we talked about it and did it and there was talks of Twista and Krayzie Bone doing a project together. We are all looking forward to doing it, we just need to bring everyone to the table and do it.

What are some good moments or memories you have in working on the albums that have dropped with Do Or Die?

All of our albums the creative process in making them was fun. It was done out of going through certain things in life, being out on the streets and going through the trials and tribulations that we were going through. All that went into our albums over the years.

What are your thoughts on hip hop coming out of Chicago right now?

I think it is a good look. At the end of the day, you can’t deny that Chicago does not have good artists. Do Or Die, Crucial Conflict, Twista, Kanye, Common I mean just those people I named it speaks for itself.  Chief Keef, alot of people don’t mess with him but he is one of those guys that pulled it off.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Actually we just got back from Phoenix, Arizona which was crazy. Actually we are going to be in Atlanta from October 4th through the 7th, MTV wants to do a interview feature and we will be on the BET stage as well.

What’s your website information?

a1688b973799ed4fddd13f0a05e89cd1 I have a mixtape out right now called Late Night Creepin and I have an album out now called Head Rush.

Alright well that is all the questions that I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Big shoutout to the world, everyone buy the album once it drops and we out chea, chuuch!

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