Classic Phoenix New Sun 4 “Bidden War” Hosted by Juice & Dj Djones

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We ask when did the idea come for PNS4 (Phoenix New Sun 4) “Truthfully after part 3 started getting a buzz after meeting up with Juice during All-Star Weekend in Phoenix the idea came for a more massive mixtape something that would put me with the likes of the other hot mixtapes that have dropped over time “Willie The Kid” The Day The Game Change. “Stack Bundles” Raps Make Ova, My Life’s Like A Movie, Bidden War, “Lloyd Banks” Money In The Bank, Mo Money In The Bank “J.R. Writer” Writers Block and so on.

But thats what I was aiming for and I always wanted to show love to Stack Bundles so I called this Phoenix New Sun, “Bidden War” To represent the level I knew this tape would surpass.

We ask for the listener who has never heard (Classic) what are they getting with your new project why should they feel the need to play you? As close to truth as they can get on how I truely feel. The full 360 nothing inbetween Im going for the championship on this one. I would honestly say you just have to hear it all I ask is just one listen begining to end then think whatever or say whatever about me. I only make music for the real.

We ask what does New Sun 4 have that New Sun 3 didnt? This project I went out & got a good up & coming DJ by the name of DJ DJones out of Chicago that I came across on twitter I peeped his site and the rest was history. I have a host on top of that being that Juice is the host through out the entire mixtape we spoke on that toward the end of the project & got it done! Features! I have way more features on this one then I had on New Sun 3. MedafORACLE out of Phoenix and Shonuff out of Tucson, of course Teflon Da Don makes his annual appreance on my project & so does Young Vo like we always do.

We ask what do you got going on next? Well were going to have a actual CD release part for New Sun 4 in Phoenix to celebrate it with Phoenix. The date is to be announced but its going to be in the month of April for sure. Im currently working on features while Im in Houston Texas, working with Tha Centop and featuring on his new project called iRyhme. Which you can catch our single lost featuring Show, Wordplay, Tha Centop, Kritikal, & myself on, we got a video for that song coming out to so look out for that. Besides working with those artist I just mentioned Im working on my newest project which is more like a LP called “The Great Unknown” features from Young VO, Tha Centop, WordPlay, MedafORACLE, Show, Kritikal, etc. You’ll have to get with me in a few more months I’ll have something new for you guys at this rate!

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