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Added by September 28, 2010 gets an Exclusive Interview with Pheonix rapper/producer D- Boy on the road!


1 Whats good dboy??
Whats Good PhoenixHipHop.Net. Just on the road right now taking time out to do an interview for the homies.

2 Hows your new album treating you??

The New Album is doing good. I have put out 1000 copies in the streets in AZ & New Mexico in 1 month and I jus ordered up 2000 more cause I will be hitting AZ New Mex. & Texas through the month of Oct. I keep it real about my sales. Alot of AZ rappers like to say they sale 1000’s but jus like court paperwork the truth can be found haha.

3 How did you come up with the concept for the ablum?

 Well the concept of the album is very diverse. A little bit of this & that which is what you always get when you get a D BOY Album. The Title 4 is because this is my 4th album dating back to 98.

4 When did you start making music??

I started making music back in 95′ Only producing then very a few local cats.

5 What was the hip hop scene like out here growing up??


 The Hip Hop scene while I was growing up here was much smaller then and it definently took alot more work to make music then nowadays. Now everyone is a producer or rapper or D.J. Thx to How easy computers made it for everyone. To me it’s why the hip hop scene aint what it used to be. There is not much true talent out there anymore. There was very little sudios and only a few good producers. And rappers was Not as many as today thats for sure. Good ones anyways.

6 What was the best show you have ever done in AZ??

 The Best show I ever did in AZ was actually in Nogales for the Mexican Independence a few yours ago w/ Magic, Chingo and a few others cause the crowd was so live I jumped off the stage into the crowd and finished the show with the fans. It was like 3k people to.

7 What did you do first rap or produce??

I produced 1st and always will be a producer. Any rappers out there looking for real NON COMPUTERIZED production get @ Me.

8 What are some artists that you have worked with locally?

Locally alot.

9 Who are some artists that you would like to work with locally?

 An Artist I would Love to work with cause of his true talent is Hannibal Leq. Alot of other artist I have reached out to act like they already do big things and dont get back @ me so F’ EM

10 What is your favorite song on your new project?

 My Favorite song on my Project is Motivated cause listen to how much is going on and you get an I dea of what I can put together.

11 We debuted the video for you when it dropped. Talk to us about how that collabo happened?


Aww Bookie has been my Homie since wayyy back it’s a must we work together from time to time. The Video was shot by the homie Carlos Berber Productions and is the New Man when it comes to videos trust me.

12 What words of advise do you have for these rappers and proudcers coming out now a days?

 Staying Motivated a persistant is very important and realize that AZ Radio might not play your music unless you are a D.J there playing your own songs or buy alot of commercials off them. Take your career out of state and get your name known but always remember the streets you come from and show major love cause they will forget you if don’t. D BOY A True AZ LEGEND

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